Select Page is exploring new ways for connect Canadian visual artists and audiences, and is spearheaded by a group of Vancouver Island artists and art councils. Our vision is to embed visual art into everyday life.


Survey: Has COVID19 changed your visual art enjoyment habits?
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We want to understand how art enthusiasts have been interacting with visual art and artists during COVID19. This survey, launched June 8, 2020, was developed by a group of Vancouver Island arts councils (see next accordion), and will contribute to emerging knowledge about how new, isolation-inspired habits might influence future art audiences and marketplaces.

The survey is part of a two-year pilot project to identify new ways to connect audiences with the visual arts, funded in early March by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund.

Our findings will be made publicly available on this website, in support of the visual arts community’s rebuilding efforts.

Pilot project grant: Canada Council for the Arts (March 2020 to Dec 2021)

In March 2020, we received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy fund to continue our explorations of new ways to connect art lovers with art. We’re now embarking on a two-year pilot project, with the goal of building an app/digital platform that embeds visual art into every day life, and expands opportunities for audiences to connect with art and artist. Click on the accordion below to learn about our project team. Questions? Please contact project lead Jenny Farkas at

Our project team and service providers

Our power-packed team includes visual artists, strategic marketing experts, and digital/print advertising and search engine optimization specialists.

Visual artist Jenny Farkas is the creator of And for the past 20 years she has also been the Content Director at Taiji Brand Group.

Arts Councils Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

Marketing Advisory Committee


In 2019 we partnered with The Print Lab for our art reproductions. Owner Terry Zlot has over 20 years of printing experience in the photographic and art production markets. Not only will your prints be produced right here in Victoria, but every print will be of the highest standard.

We also collaborate with economic development associations, arts councils and art schools.

Questions? Email Jenny at

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