Josslyn Meyers

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  • Precarious Balance


    Precarious Balance


    This collaged monoprint was inspired by many plein air sessions on the Nanaimo River. I love watching birds and am impressed by people who balance stones along the shore. It occurred to me that the stones could be a metaphor for human relationship to nature. It is clear that this beautiful and necessary balance is becoming more and more precarious. I hope this piece inspires others to consider their balance with nature.

    artist: Josslyn Meyers
    region: Central Island
    closest community: Cassidy
    original medium: Mixed media



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  • Hornby Island Profile

    Hornby Island Profile

    A friend gave me a photo that she took while walking at Helliwell park on Hornby Island. The hillside formation created a striking natural profile, which sparked my imagination. It reminded me of a profile of mother earth peacefully watching over creation. This piece is a lithograph, done with stencils and oil based inks in the print studio. I hope that it has captured the sense of peace that this Island seems to embody.

    artist: Josslyn Meyers
    region: North Island
    closest community: Tribune Bay
    original medium: Silkscreen


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