Always The Chase

Anglers blaze winter months in pursuit of one elusive silver prized steelhead, a salmonoid that demands dedication and a commitment of many hours to hook even one. The pursuit is an act of fisherman’s patience — one with no guarantee of success but one that offers the potential for thrill unmatched by any other fish species that swims BC’s river’s. Top 6 Steelhead rivers on Vancouver Island: Cowichan River, The San Juan River, Stamp-Somass-Sproat River, Gold River, Nimpkish River. This painting was inspired by original reference photo courtesy of Professional Photographer Matt Guymon, Freestone River Photography, Utah.

artist: Shauna Jasken
region: South Island
closest community: Lake Cowichan
original medium: Acrylic



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Shauna was born into a big fishing family in Port Alberni BC. After her mother Carolyn was diagnosed with cancer and unable to continue fishing, Shauna merged her passions of fishing and art to bring fish to her mother. Shauna believes in painting trophies rather than taxidermy, saving fish to spawn, grow and be caught again.

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