April Point

Years ago me and a few family members would once in while take a trip to April Point on Quadra Island BC. I snapped a few pictures of the area for inspiration on my most resent trip there. I captured the cool and crisp BC coastline feeling.That fresh sea air and the damp rocks. Also I had to place a local bald eagle in there as there is so many in the Campbell River area it wouldn’t seem right not to ! The eagle is placed in such a way that it pulled the whole piece together for a perfect balance.

artist: Alyssa Penner
region: North Island
closest community: Campbell River, quadra island
original medium: Oil


The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 24" x 18"
Price: $750CDN


Alyssa Penner was born in 1987 on Vancouver Island Canada. She has been drawing and painting since the age of five. She attended North Island collage but is mostly self taught. Alyssa finds inspiration for her work from color, texture the human intuition and imagination. As an artist she wants to explore color in relation with human emotion and connection. She is Known to paint colorful local Vancouver Island themed landscapes as well as florals. By always learning and exploring Alyssa finds excitement in a painting that comes out of nothing that just works. She lives to create colorful images and can’t go a day without a paintbrush or pencil in hand.

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