Black Tail on Stoney Hill

Small island deer are everywhere on the southern forests of Vancouver Island. Stoney Hill Regional Park is a gem located between Maple Bay and Genoa Bay near Duncan. Spectacular arbutus and moss covered viewpoints abound. Well worth a visit. The deer are very aware over the ever-present cougars and so keep a pretty low profile. I came across this one in the interior of the park. This tree in the foreground is distinctive so you will recognize it if you explore this magical place.

artist: Bill Hibberd
region: South Island
closest community: Maple Bay
original medium: Oil



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The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 36" x 18"
Price: $2600CDN


I am driven to create work that is perceived by the viewer to be “beautiful”, that promotes a release of dopamine in their brain. That emotional response will engage people’s imagination and they then will consider the subject more intimately than if they only relate intellectually. My inspiration is the people and places of Vancouver island.

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