I captured this image while hiking into Schooner Cove in Tofino. It was early morning and we had just reached the beach to discover some perfect conditions. There was a slight mist in the air and the sun was shining perfectly through the trees. As soon as I saw this scene I was super excited and took a ton of photographs! Sometimes it is just about being there at the right moment.

artist: Kelly Corbett
region: Pacific Rim
closest community: Tofino
original medium: Acrylic



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The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 30" x 40"
Price: $2200CDN


Nanoose Bay artist Kelly Corbett presents her expression of majestic British Columbia. Holding diplomas in both Fine Art (UFV) and Photography Academy, Kelly combines academic training with her natural talent: painting with acrylics. Kelly’s style invites you to take a step outside – a trip through the forest, or an outing by kayak to commune with the natural world. Kelly takes pride in completing paintings that look realistic and offer to the chance to see and experience the beauty of this place.

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