Fallen Giant

Lone Tree Hill is a small CRD park in the Highlands. It hosts wonderful arbutus and fir trees and has a view point at the top that is well worth the climb. This lovely fallen giant is only a short walk up the trail and into the woods.

artist: Joanne Thomson
region: Greater Victoria
closest community: Highlands
original medium: Watercolour



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The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 11" x 7"
Price: $240CDN


Joanne Thomson is a watercolourist. What started as rebellion against the rules imposed by a family of oil painters has become a love affair. “Watercolour demands conversation. It will not be lectured to. Water does what it does. Pigments do what they do. I have to work with them (and sometimes gently persuading them to try something new.)” Thomson uses these conversations to create images that evoke emotional responses and create primal connections.

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