Hornby Island Profile

A friend gave me a photo that she took while walking at Helliwell park on Hornby Island. The hillside formation created a striking natural profile, which sparked my imagination. It reminded me of a profile of mother earth peacefully watching over creation. This piece is a lithograph, done with stencils and oil based inks in the print studio. I hope that it has captured the sense of peace that this Island seems to embody.

artist: Josslyn Meyers
region: North Island
closest community: Tribune Bay
original medium: Silkscreen



Josslyn Meyers was born in Alberta, lived for many years in Saskatchewan and has been loving living in BC for the last ten years. Her passion for plein air has resulted in many watercolors that have been transposed into acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. She loves exploring the many beautiful rivers , lakes and hiking spots on the Island. In her studio she strives to find the sense of place unique to each spot and hopes her artwork helps people to connect more deeply with nature.

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