Mason Jar 51 with Indian Paintbrush

A work from my Mason Jar series. This series began as a family history project and then moved into food and environmental security. Also called the common red paintbrush, this type grows on the land farmed/ranched by my grandparents. It is more usually found in mountainous areas, like the San Juan Ridge Ecological Reserve, a rare sub-alpine meadow that is part of the epic Kludahk Trail.   

artist: Joanne Thomson
region: South Island
closest community: Jordan River
original medium: Watercolour


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Joanne Thomson is a watercolourist. What started as rebellion against the rules imposed by a family of oil painters has become a love affair. “Watercolour demands conversation. It will not be lectured to. Water does what it does. Pigments do what they do. I have to work with them (and sometimes gently persuading them to try something new.)” Thomson uses these conversations to create images that evoke emotional responses and create primal connections.

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