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This cute baby seal was visiting Thetis Island. A friend took the photo, and I thought he was so adorable I had to paint him.

artist: Gail Dolyn
region: Gulf Islands
closest community: Thetis Island
original medium: Acrylic


The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 18" x 9"
Price: $200CDN


Gail Dolyn is a Victoria based artist, with rural prairie roots who sees the colours in nature, and people, through an emotionally inspired lens and filter. While creating primarily with acrylic and oil paint, Gail participates in many artistic group opportunities, to capture new ideas and techniques. Her passion for exploring different mediums has lead to an ever evolving body of work with her current focus on portraits and animals. When she is not painting she is gathering images for future projects, looking for inspiration through travel, gardening and appreciation of the diversity and beauty in nature.

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