On the Rocks in Tofino

A visceral impact of sea on rocks moves our body into the seascape, releasing the totality of the water’s energy to the viewer. Tofino, part of the west coast of Vancouver Island in southern British Columbia, Canada, demands our respect, gratitude and fearless appreciation for all that is alive. Without compromise, we breathe.

artist: Terrill Welch
region: Pacific Rim
closest community: Tofino
original medium: Oil



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British Columbia artist Terrill Welch’s quick sure painting strokes capture forest, sandstone, sea and sky. They remind us that there is only one moment – this one. Terrill Welch’s work, in water mixable or walnut oil paints, showcases the beautiful, mysterious and rugged southwest coast of Canada. Though locally appreciated, Terrill Welch is internationally collected. Her paintings are sold to art collectors throughout Canada and the United States as well as in Australia, England, Norway and Switzerland.

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