Paradise Meadows Boardwalk

“Paradise Meadows Boardwalk” was inspired by a trip to Mount Washington in the spring. It is a mountain ski village where a boardwalk has been built over the fragile vegetation in an area aptly named Paradise Meadows. The easy walk along the boardwalk is serene and relaxing as it meanders over the colorful flowers and passes peaceful ponds. It is also the gateway to the many hiking trails available in Strathcona Park.

artist: Trish LaFrance
region: Central Island
closest community: Courtenay
original medium: Acrylic



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I am an acrylic artist specializing in “abstract realism”. My artwork reflects the landscape, nature and architecture of the west coast of Canada. As most of my life have been spent here starting in the Yukon, where I was born; Vancouver where I grew up and Vancouver Island where I currently live, I feel grateful to have such beautiful surroundings to inspire me.

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