Precarious Balance

This collaged monoprint was inspired by many plein air sessions on the Nanaimo River. I love watching birds and am impressed by people who balance stones along the shore. It occurred to me that the stones could be a metaphor for human relationship to nature. It is clear that this beautiful and necessary balance is becoming more and more precarious. I hope this piece inspires others to consider their balance with nature.

artist: Josslyn Meyers
region: Central Island
closest community: Cassidy
original medium: Mixed media



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The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 14" x 20"
Price: $1650CDN


Josslyn’s passion for plein air has resulted in many watercolors that have been transposed into acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. She loves exploring the many beautiful rivers, lakes and hiking spots on the Island. She strives to find the sense of place unique to each spot and hopes her artwork helps people to connect more deeply with nature.

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