The Duet (This Pacific Life)

This was inspired by my travels down the Juan de Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. And by the kelp beds, mussels and, of course, the oh so formal Cormorants. Water fowl for sure but without natural oils to protect their feathers ( like ducks) they must dry their wings in the sun and shore breezes after every dive.

artist: Bill Hibberd
region: Pacific Rim
closest community: Port Renfrew
original medium: Oil



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The original of this art is available for sale.
Size (W x H inches): 36" x 24"
Price: $3200CDN


I am driven to create work that is perceived by the viewer to be “beautiful”, that promotes a release of dopamine in their brain. That emotional response will engage people’s imagination and they then will consider the subject more intimately than if they only relate intellectually. My inspiration is the people and places of Vancouver island.

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