Ultimate Journey

Having reached their reproductive potential, each year adult sockeye make the harrowing journey from the Pacific Ocean back to their natural streams where they once developed. The journey is neither short nor easy. Significant energy resources are depleted, cataracts block their path, and many predators intend to make nutritious meals of them. The salmon fight the odds. It’s a perilous journey with death as the inevitable result, but it is one of nature’s most incredible spectacles. Death leads to new life, whether it is the next generation of salmon, as food for bears, or nutrients that leach into the ecosystem as their bodies decompose. Top fly fishing rivers for Sockeye Salmon on Vancouver Island: Stamp River, Campbell River. Painting inspired by original reference photo courtesy of flyfisher Kasey Halcro, Montana.

artist: Shauna Jasken
region: Central Island
closest community: Port Alberni
original medium: Acrylic



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Shauna was born into a big fishing family in Port Alberni BC. After her mother Carolyn was diagnosed with cancer and unable to continue fishing, Shauna merged her passions of fishing and art to bring fish to her mother. Shauna believes in painting trophies rather than taxidermy, saving fish to spawn, grow and be caught again.

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