We promote and sell local art by Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands artists. Artists receive 80% of sales. Register for a free account here.

How does artfinds.me work?

Our primary goal is to connect your locally produced art with the millions of tourists who visit here every year. (We will also promote your work to Island-based art lovers and beauty brokers, including architects, interior designers and realtors.)

It all starts with you registering for an account.

Presently our site lets you to sell high-quality reproductions in the form of prints on canvas and fine art paper, and also your original artworks.

We’ve partnered with The Print Lab here in Victoria to produce high quality art prints/reproductions on fine art paper and canvas. Owner Terry Zlot systematically reviews each high-quality image to make sure it meets his exacting specifications.

We’ve also partnered with professional art photographers on the Island, so get in touch to find the one nearest you.

In the spring of 2020 we will be transitioning to a custom geolocation app that will enable you to showcase art, art events, art studio hours and more.




Who is behind artfinds.me?

First and foremost we are local art makers and art lovers.

artfinds.me is built by, for and because of local artists. Our vision is to get more art into more people’s lives in more ways, and we’re driven to create the conditions that enable artists to thrive on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. 

Our power-packed team includes visual artists, strategic tourism marketing experts, digital/print advertising and search engine optimization specialists. We all work for Taiji Brand Group – a leading Island marketing and communications company, with over 30 years of experience.

Visual artist Jenny Farkas is the founder of artfinds.me. And for the past 20 years she has also been the Content Director at Taiji.

We have partnered with The Print Lab for our art reproductions. Owner Terry Zlot has over 20 years of printing experience in the photographic and art production markets. Not only will your prints be produced right here in Victoria, but every print will be of the highest standard.

We also collaborate with Island tourism associations and tourism providers, arts councils and art schools.

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com

Why partner with us?

The benefits of partnership:

  1. Our process is smart and simple – We want to be your easy-to-use marketing agency and sales team, so you can do what you do best: create art!
  2. Our commitment to local artists and art is deep – We’re local artists just like you, so we understand your desire to spend more time creating, and less time on self-promotion. Our goal is more recognition for your work, and more revenue in your bank.
  3. In fact, we’re committed to ‘buy local’ in all that we do – We only work with locally made producers and products (Island, BC and/or Canadian-made).
  4. Our market research is compelling – We’ve studied the habits of tourists and have created a product that meets their holiday and spending habits.
  5. Our partnership structure is reasonable and mutually beneficial – As an art partner, you receive 80% of net sales of your original art or art prints, and become a shareholder in the company! More details coming soon about the share structure. 
  6. Our art prints are of consistent high-quality – The Print Lab is an outstanding art reproducer with over 20 years of experience.

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com

What kind of art is accepted?

Currently we accept Island/coastal place-inspired art – meaning art to which you can attach a longitude and latitude. Then we display it all on our beautiful online art map.

In other words, we want art lovers to be able to go where you go for inspiration, and see how you see the world!

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com


What is the approval process?

We accept works from artists living and working on Vancouver Island and/or the coastal area (Gulf Islands, Discovery Islands). Once you complete the easy registration process, you’ll be asked to upload photos of your works. 

We apply a ‘light curation’ process to the art we showcase on the app, guided by the Caroll Taiji, Creative Director at Taiji Brand Group. Taiji is the marketing team for artfinds.me.

We reserve the right to request a better quality image of your works, or to not showcase your art for other reasons. For example, we may choose not to promote artworks about winter in the summer, or artwork that is deemed to be not-on-par with the quality of work already showing on the app. 

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com

Image quality guidelines for prints + help with digitizing

We are partnering with professional art photographers across the Island to help you digitize your artworks. Get in touch with Jenny to book a photoshoot at artfindsme@gmail.com

Our art reproduction partner Terry Zlot is a master, and our prints are of exceptionally high quality. And everything falls apart if the image you give us of your art isn’t good. We accept images produced from a camera or scanner. See tips, below.

Doing it yourself? Please take care to follow our Image Quality & Submission StandardsHere is a fantastic video of Terry explaining how to digitize a large piece of 2d art (scroll down to very bottom of page). This video was funded by the Canada Council For the Arts, and formed part of a digital literacy project spearheaded by the Arts Council of Ladysmith and District in the summer of 2019.


How will you promote my art to tourists?

The whole gang at Taiji Brand Group is prepped to work on the tourism marketing strategy. Our focus right now is building up our gallery of artists. Then we will switch to full-on marketing mode in time for the start of the 2020 tourist season. So please spread the word today to all your creative friends! 

We will also be giving artists the option of showcasing their original artworks ‘on the ground’ – in pop-up galleries at local hotels, airbnbs, wineries and other tourism-related businesses. Interested? Or have a tourism business to recommend for this program? Check out the program details here

What if I am represented by a gallery?

We recommend you consult with your gallery to see if it possible to reach a financial arrangement that suits both of you. We’ll do our part by contributing half of our 20% commission to your gallery. 

Our terms of service, and your copyright and privacy protection.

By registering for a free account you agree to the following terms of service.

Essentially what these terms say is that:

  • All artwork appearing on artfinds.me remains the property of the artist who created and uploaded it. 
  • By showcasing your artwork on our website, you are giving artfinds.me a limited right to promote and sell originals or reproductions of your artwork on your behalf, and give you 80% of net revenues.

You may also wish to read our privacy policy which essentially says information we collect from you during the registration process (e.g. address, website) is for internal use only. Your personal information is stored on our encrypted server, and will never be shared with any third parties. The information you provide about your art (e.g. title, description, location tags) will be used for marketing and promotion purposes. 

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com

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