1 min video: what is artfinds.me?

4 min video: why is artfinds.me disruptive?

How do I buy art?

If you are want to buy art you see on this site, get in touch with the artist directly by clicking on their email link on the art post page. You can pick up your piece in person or ask for it to be securely shipped.

This website plays no role in the art transaction – our goal is simply to connect local art lovers with art makers and their creations.

How do I sell art?

Create a free account today, check your inbox for an activation email, customize your account profile and then start uploading your latest art creations!

When a piece of your art sells, please manually delete it (delete button at bottom of each post page). In this way we can keep the content on the site fresh.

Please take the time to properly photograph and crop your art. The beauty of this site depends on how well you can convey the beauty of your piece – and vice versa!

NOTE: Each image must be smaller than 1MB in size, and have a resolution of at least 1024 px by 1024 px. See “How do I properly size my art photo” below for more details.

How do I properly size my art photo?
All art images must have a resolution of at least 1024 px by 1024 px, and must be smaller than 1MB in size. How to resize on a PC. And how to resize on a Mac. 











Using a smart phone to photograph your art? The smart phone saves your image as file that is often larger than 1MB. The solution is to email the image to your computer, and select a smaller file size (e.g. ‘medium’ or ‘large’ instead of ‘actual’) during the emailing process.

Questions? Email Jenny at artfindsme@gmail.com

How do I advertise an art event?

We provide ad space for the reasonable amount of $10/week. Your ad will rotate on all pages, and we will provide click through metrics at the end of your ad run. Full details here.

All you have to do is submit two versions of your pre-build ad to artfindsme@gmail.com
– 1920px by 300px for desktop and tablet views
– 300px by 300 px for mobile views

Reminder: Keep content simple – choose a great photo and add a small amount of text. The ad will link to your event website.

How are you protecting my copyright?
We have endeavoured to prevent copyright infringement by keeping the image size small. In this way the resolution would be poor if a person tried to take a screen capture of your piece.
Why has my art post been removed?
The beauty of this site depends on how well you can convey the beauty of your art – and vice versa!












From time to time you may notice that your art post has been temporarily removed from the site. We only do this if your image quality, resolution and/or cropping is poor, or if the subject matter is considered contrary to the spirit of this site.

If this happens to you, you will receive an email from the site administrator requesting a better quality/different image.

Questions? Email artfindsme@gmail.com

Can I edit an existing art post?
Unfortunately no. If you are unhappy with how your post looks, simply hit the delete button at the very bottom of the post’s page (only you can see this button). Then simply re-do your post.

Thankfully it is so easy to post art on this website so if you need to delete a post from time to time it isn’t a big deal!