your walls + our art
let’s partner up!

stunning art on your walls at no cost, plus a new revenue stream for you and local artists

Treat your guests to stunning artworks featuring local scenery, stories and experiences, And help us promote local art. Just hang our art on your walls, and invite visitors to click-and-ship home a high-quality, affordable print – or the original artwork – as a lasting memento of their trip. Ready to p[art]ner up? Contact us today.

How it works.

1. Pick your favourite piece of art from our site, and we’ll deliver a large, ready-to-hang canvas reproduction at no cost.

2. Hang your piece where your visitors can admire it, with a small label alongside the art (sample below).

3. When your visitors fall in love with the piece, encourage them to scan the label’s QR code to ship home their own high quality print on canvas or fine art paper.

4. You get 10% of the profit from each sale and earn credits towards more art. Local artists get 80%, and administration 10%.

5. After 6 months you can either swap your piece for a fresh one of your choosing, or keep it for another 6 months. 

6. Want more than one piece of our incredible collection of locally inspired art on your walls? We can work out customized loan plan or volume purchase discount.

Email us to get started on this art promotion partnership:

Our partners.

We welcome hotels, short-term rentals and other visitor accommodation businesses that want beautiful art on their walls and art-loving people through their doors!

Who we are.

Our mission is to get more art into more people’s lives in more ways. We’re driven to create the conditions that enable artists to thrive here on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

(Plus its way more interesting to live in and visit a place where artists are supported to do their best work!)

We understand the connection between a booming creative sector and economic well-being. In fact, we’re committed to ‘buy local’ in all that we do – We only work with Island, BC and Canadian businesses of the higher caliber. 

Our power-packed team includes visual artists, strategic tourism marketing experts, digital/print advertising and search engine optimization specialists, and outstanding art reproducers:

  • Jenny Farkas, founder of, visual artist, and Content Director for Taiji Brand Group – a leading Island marketing and communications company, with over 30 years of experience
  • Everyone else at Taiji Brand Group!
  • Terry Zlot, owner of The Print Lab in Victoria BC, and his small but mighty complement of staff

We also collaborate with Island tourism associations and tourism providers, arts councils and art schools.


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